COLiseum International Film FEstival



COLiseum International Film FEstival:

Be important!

COLIFFE is an initiative of the PIANETA EMPATIA Association which aims to create a moment of cultural and social aggregation through cinema.

“Coliseum International Film Festival is the Festival that celebrates works from all over the world. It has a profound international scope and was born with the objective and need to enhance independent cinema and first works"

This is how journalist Sergio Ferroni defined the festival.

The Coliseum International Film Festival is multi-mission, in fact:

• promotes the knowledge and diffusion of international cinema in all its forms of art, entertainment and industry, in a spirit of freedom, equality and equal opportunities;

• offers directors wider recognition for their work, spreading word of mouth among critics, cinephiles and audiences;

• discovers new talent and helps structure emerging production areas;

• creates business opportunities for films that have not yet obtained agreements for commercial exploitation or for certain territories.

COLIFFE aims to maintain an inclusive attitude towards the presentation of moving image works, with a variety of genres and forms converging throughout the official selection.

Animation masterpieces, comedies, films about contemporary reality, genre films, student projects, documentaries, music videos and many others... The selections that make up the 12 sections of the Festival competition critically bring together the worlds of filmmakers of all genres.

In particular, the short film interprets a vision of contemporary cinema that allows a story to be presented in just a few minutes and offers a space for expression to everyone. Between competitions and retrospectives, over 600 works from all over the world and 300 national works will be selected which will offer a formidable dive into a refreshing pool of young cinematic talents.